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Kurt Penberg | Revolutionizing Kids’ education in the United States

Kurt Penberg revolutionizing kids’ education in the United States – To educate a child, is to build a secure future. With the advent of technology and the internet revolution of the 21st century, education paradigms have witnessed several transformations. It is the core foundation, which is laid by a strong educational background on which our children dream and realize their goals. Educating children does not merely indicate bookish knowledge and industrial training. It is the ability to understand, dream and nurture the ambitions of childhood. The United States has long been a pioneer in Kids’ education and led the race across the world in coming up with innovative and productive techniques to groom the torchbearers of its future. Kurt Penberg is a leading name in Kids’ education in United States of America, who has correctly realized the gap between classroom teaching and real world education. To offset this gap, Kurt Penberg has come up with several edutainment and personalized websites, specially designed for kids, which have become hugely popular and successful.

Myriad schools, tutors and mentors from various walks of life across the United States, have approved of Kurt Penberg and his innovative form of educating the kids. His success and popularity cuts across various states like California, Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania to name a few. Kurt Penberg has introduced a huge selection of Personalized Gifts and Personalized Music CD’s and given a new dimension to kids’ education in the United States. It has been scientifically ascertained that kids learn and grasp faster when aided by visuals and audio. It enhances the learning capability of the child while doing away with any unnecessary pressure of memorizing facts from a text book. The idea is to combine learning and leisure to create synergy and an edifying atmosphere for the kids. Any undue pressure of classroom teaching may hinder the kids’ interest in education and hence, it is imperative to make education fun for the child to develop and grow. Kurt Penberg aims to synergize cognitive development of the child with his physical growth. Parents across the United States have come to understand and agree that learning is the fundamental part of childhood and has deep impact on their upbringing.

It is also important to realize that each kid is a different individual and requires individual attention at tender age to realize its real potential. Kurt Penberg has thus come up with a host of personalization CDs and manuals to cater to each kid individually. It is now an accepted fact across the United States that if basic education for kids comes across as tedious and dull, then the child is going to run away from it all its life and not be able to grasp the fundamentals. The shift the kids’ education has been necessitated by the redundancy of archaic systems, which were prevalent in contemporary systems and could not cater to new generation of students, who had different aspirations and goals. Thus, having the right edutainment learning tools is important for kids in pre-school to set up a strong base for the future. Follow kurt penberg on facebook page.

Father’s Day Show Him that You Care with Kurt Penberg Personalized Solutions

For every kid, his dad is a superhero. Without a cape or some magic super abilities, a father tries to be a supporting pillar in the life of his kid.  He guides you through problems and dilemmas, turning each disastrous curve into a smile.   This Father’s Day is your chance to shower love on your hero who never actually ask anything special from you. Kurt Penberg brings you an exclusive personalized gift series to help you tell your father that you do care.  It is true that the love and care bestowed by your father cannot be limited to a gift or day but if it were to be the excuse of expressing your gratitude, so be it.  The personalized gifts are conceptualized and developed by Kurt Penberg and help you to create a wonderful memory of your childhood days.

fathers day images 2014

The personalized gift series of Kurt Penberg collection comprises personalized mugs, Face-in-Movie DVDs, posters and alarm clock to name a few. If your dad is a coffee or tea person, gift him a personalized coffee mug.  It could be just “Love your Dad” or a picture collage of you and your father together.  Likewise, printed t-shirts and posters with your father’s picture can also be the best gift from you to him. The personalized alarm clock would wake him up with his name.  If you see your father as a saviour, then the exclusive Kurt Penberg Face-in-Movie DVDs are for you.  See your father star in superhero movies and saving you from bad guys. It is the perfect gift for your father and a tribute to his strength, faith as well as compassion he has shown for you in the adverse times.

Whether you are in Miami, Boston, Oakland, Dallas, San Diego or Seattle, Kurt Penberg gift series for Father’s Day 2014 is readily available with the retailers. You just need to decide on the pictures and your gift will be ready in minutes.  Even if you miss this precious day to express your concern, remember it is better late than never! So, rush to Kurt Penberg retail counters and get the perfect gift customized for your father now.

4th july america independence day

Kurt Penberg’s revolution in Gifting trends for 4th July, independence day of the United States of America

Kurt Penberg’s revolution in Gifting trends – July 4th is celebrated as the independence day of the United States of America. Continental Congress had adopted July 4th, 1776 as the Declaration of Independence and made the United States a free nation. It is the most celebrated days of America and is the most popular not because of the fireworks and the hot dogs only but because of the soldiers who has sacrificed their lives for the sake of others. It is the day to feel proud of those soldiers and revolutionist who have gifted this freedom to us. It is time to be thankful to them. The fireworks realizes about the comfort provided by the soldiers in uniform.

This year it is the time to celebrate the Independence Day with true patriotic feeling and high spirit. You should gift your family and friends gifts to remember the sacrifices of those unspoken heroes and their contribution. A gift can be anything that ignites respects and loves for each other and towards the nation.

4th july america independence day

kurt penberg- 4th july america independence day

Independence Day is the national holiday which is paid also. You can go and have fun with your friends and family. All the offices are closed and therefore there is no work. You can do whatever you feel like. You can create your own small food courts at the roadside and entertain your kids. This will be an amazing gift for your kids. You can sell pizzas and hotdogs and ice-cream and can have fun watching the parade.

Parades are common at this day all over the country. Both big and small parades block the streets. You can see the marching soldier with flags in their hand. Flag is the most attractive item of this day. People feel proud to hold the flag and therefore a flag will be the best gift for Independence Day. You can also gift a personalized patriotic banner or ornaments or patriotic T-shirt or cap.

Another attraction of the day is the patriotic music. It ignites the spirit of patriotism in people. Kurt penberg online shop help to get personalized music CD or DVD feed with patriotic music is also a good gift for the day.

July 4th falls in the middle of the summer so you can also gift a barbecue to your neighbors or your friends or family. You can cook outdoor with a barbecue and while cooking the delicious and mouth watering apple pie, hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad you can enjoy the parade.

Kurt penberg online shop help to get personalized coffee mug or magnet stickers over which the faces of the heroes of war are printed can also serve as a good gift. A personalized frame will also remind you of your heroes. Personalized photo banners are also a good option for the Independence Day.

The most attractive feature of this day which attracts thousands of foreigners every year is the fireworks. It will be exciting to gift fireworks to your kids and friends. They will love it. You can also gift a basket full of crackers, snacks and flags. Decorate the basket with the patriotic colors and love.

Bring back the memories of your independence with the personalized gifts. Kurt penberg online shop help to get Gift to your friends, family and kids this Independence Day and make the day memorable both for you and the receiver of the gift.


Celebrate Father’s Day of 2014 With The Personalized Gifts of Kurt Penberg

It is a fact that mother’s had been always worshiped for their dedication and contribution in your growing years and no one can deny their role in a person’s life. But sadly fathers have been left alone in the race. Despite of their sleepless nights and hard work to give his kids and family a more comfortable life, they have not been valued much. One of the reasons behind this can be the absence of fathers from home for long hours. A mother is there with her kids but the father do not get much time to spend with his kids. Probably that is the reason behind their unrecognized role in their kids’ life. But the time is gone now. Today kids celebrate father’s day in many countries to remember, honor and thank the contribution of fathers. Although it is not a federal holiday but it is celebrated as a holiday in United States on third Sunday of June every year.


Your father might not had time to be physically there with always but he was there when you first open your eyes in the world and he must had been telling the other people about your arrival, he was there when you called him dad for the first time, he was there to teach you how to walk and how to play baseball. May be he was not there when you celebrate your birthday’s or your win in the cricket match because he was working late in the office to give his family all the luxuries of life but he will be there for you whenever you need him. So, father’s day is your opportunity to thank him and appreciate him for all his sacrifices and loves he has given you.

Rose is the official flower of father’s day but if you want to do something special for you father on father’s day then you have to think out of the box. You can gift your father a personalized gift to show the immense love of yours for your father.

If you want to surprise your dad with your creativity and skills, you can gift a personalized coffee mug on father’s day. For that you will need to collect the best of your photos, make a collage and print them. Paste the photo on the mug and it’s done. It will be both simple and heart touching. You can also give your dad a T-shirt printed with your message or photo printed on it.

Kurt Penberg’s personalized gifts will be a great option for you. The newly launched “amazing Dad photo-personalized DVD” will be a good personalized gift. You can put your father’s face on the face of the super hero of the adventure film and show how he acts like super hero in your life, how he saves you from the bad guys and how the most amazing and strongest father is. Any dad will love this movie and will be happy to see his kids’ efforts and love.


Father’s day is the opportunity for the kids to show their love and affection towards their father. You can make the day memorable with a gift to surprise your father. Give him the best wishes and your love with the personalized gifts.

Kurt penberg - personalized gifts

Kurt Penberg – Why personalization so important in gifts and how it makes gifting more interesting?

Gifts are always special. It gives us a medium to express our feelings for a person. It makes the occasion more special. It expresses your deep emotions and tells that what you feel for the person. It is not only a medium to express yourself but it also let the person feel special to whom you dedicate the gift. If gifts make your loved ones laugh then why not make it special? We should try to make the gifts more special. A personal touch can make your loved ones feel special. They will realize that you care for them. But do you have that time to think about how to make a gift more special and to materialize what you imagined? The answer will be a no for most of the people, because in this busy life, nobody has the time for such activities. Kurt Penberg has solved the problem and come up with a very innovative formula of gifting. He has changed the definition of gifting by giving it a personalized touch.

Kurt Penberg’s idea of personalization in gifts has brought a tumult in the world of gifts. Today everyone wants to gift personalized products and the business of personalized products is booming. But why personalization is so important in gifts? Let’s discuss some reason.

1) First of all personalization gives a feeling that the gift is made exclusively for the person and no one has any right over it. It is human tendency that he feels more special when he has sole authority over a certain things. Like if you have a public swimming pool in your city, it will not make you feel proud over it but if you own that pool, you will make sure that everybody come to know about it, so that you can feel more respectful. Similarly personalization gives the feeling of sole authority for the gift and makes you feel proud of it.

2) Another reason why personalization in gifts is so important is that it tells how much the person care for you, how special you are for him. It makes us feel good when somebody do something extraordinary for us. It makes us feel special and that is what everyone wants.

Personalization gift is important and interesting not only for the receiver of the gift but it also excites the one who presents the gift. With personalized gifts, you can show your creativity and your artistic brain. For an instance, a doll house is a common gift for any girl but if you add a name plate at the door with the girl’s name over it, it will be a cherry on the cake. The little princess whom you have dedicated the gift will feel proud of it and will never forget your gift.

Kurt Penberg understood the need of the time. He understood that mere gift bought from stores and malls cannot express your deep feeling, so has come up with the interesting idea of personalization and changed the world of gifting.

Kurt Penberg has brought a revolution in the world of gifting. He has changed the definition of a gift by suggesting personalization in gifts. Now the gifts have become more interesting and more special than ever.


How Kurt Penberg instrument contribute in kids’ education?

Kurt Penberg is a booming name in kids’ edutainment. He started his career in technology based industries with laser startup and solar based company but later on he found out his interest in kids education. He started his own business with two major objectives. One of the objectives of his company “Sing Your Name” is to provide a risk free business to all the entrepreneurs around the world. Kurt Penberg wanted to formulate an opportunity to do your own business without any fear of losses and no return. Another objective of Kurt Penberg was to improve the quality of kids’ education. He wanted to replace the traditional method of teaching with new and improved methods to make it more effective and interesting.

One of his first steps in improvising the learning technique was to provide personalized music CDs. Kurt Penberg has given kids many kinds of gifts in the form of toys and music and other interesting things but mainly he stressed on personalization of the products. All the products he has founded were based on personalization. A brilliant thought that has changed the scenario of education was personalization. Talking about the factors that have contributed in kids’ education, one can never ignore the effect of personalization on education. Personalized products attract the attention of kids towards it; one of the major factors why traditional teaching methods failed is that they failed to attract the kids towards education. Personalized Gift products attract the kids by luring them into the fascinating world. It let them live the life they want to for some moments and it attracts the kids. In this play they will learn whatever you serve them.

After personalization another thing that attracts the kids is the music. Everybody loves music, only the choice is different among different individuals. Some people like classics, some like rock, but the effect of music cannot be denied. You can never underestimate the importance of music. Kurt Penberg’s music CDs and story book CDs has a great impact on kids education. Kids love the music and they can easily learn it. The alphabets and counts and poems served to them in the form of songs can be easily learned without effort. Kids enjoy the music without even knowing that they are actually studying their A B C and 1 2 3. Story book CDs can teach about various morals stories to kids. They can differentiate between good and bad with the help of examples presented to them by the help of stories.

Another amazing product of Kurt Penberg is the games. Variety of games has been launched by Penberg for kids’ entertainment, but a side effect of these games has been amazing. Games are known to be for fun only, but how will you feel when you come to know that your kid is actually learning from these games? Games teach about team spirit, it helps the kids to differentiate among the good and bad moves and develops a sense of responsibility in them.

3d Tiny Doll

Kurt Penberg – Tiny Twin 3D Dolls for your gifts by Kurt Penberg’s

Kurt Penberg has brought a huge revolution in kid’s products. kurt penberg has replaced the boring stuffed toys and music CDs and DVDs and story books and posters with personalized products. He has made the morning more pretty with the alarm clocks singing kid’s own name melodiously. The music has become more fun for kids as now they can sing the A B C  D and 1 2 3 4 with their own name in between. Kids can watch themselves singing, playing and dancing in the personalized movies with tom & jerry, Cinderella and Spiderman. After getting with all these products in international market now his company Sing Your Name has launched a new product named Tiny Twin 3D Dolls globally.

Tiny Twin 3D Dolls are fastest selling product. Their popularity is increasing every day and is now loved by every child. Parents can gift a Tiny Twin 3D Doll to their kids on their birthday’s or Christmas or on their victory in cricket and volley ball matches to celebrate and to boost their moral. Kurt Penberg understands a kid’s wishes and dreams and put the ideas in a mould to make that dreams come true. Tiny Twin 3D Doll is one of the best products of Sing Your Name. It carries a kid’s face and is extremely beautiful toy. Anyone can keep these dolls with them no matter what is their age. It is an ideal gift for everyone no matter whether you are a girl or a boy.

Tiny Twin 3D Dolls are available in many different colors, sizes and themes. The customer can choose a doll of his or her own choice and make it personalized. The collection of Tiny Twin 3D Dolls is easily accessible and affordable. This innovative idea of Kurt Penberg has made gifting very interesting. Kids love the Tiny Twin Dolls and it keeps a promise of high profit for the distributors too.

With Tiny Twin 3D Dolls, distributors can do business all time of the year and the target audience is very large as it is not made only for kids. Distributors can sell the Tiny Twin Dolls online by means of a website or blogs or social networking sites or any other website. Online selling of products gives the distributor some time to create the product before selling.Distributors can also sell the product from a shopping mall, departmental store, etc. For this the distributor has to be ready with the personalized product which is a little difficult because personalization takes time. But Kurt Penberg made the process quick so that the product remains available all the time. All a distributor need to do is take a photo of the customer, print the photo, make a mold, heat the photo to create 3D effect, cut the mold and put the face of customer in a 3D doll and it is done. Your personalized Tiny Twin 3D Doll is ready to sell. The customers will surely enjoy the Tiny Twin 3D Doll and this increases the repeat value.

Personalized gifts for your children by Kurt Penberg

Personalized gifts for your children by Kurt Penberg

After finishing your office work, you go to a shopping mall. You enter a kid’s shop where you find all sort of things like clothes, gifts, games, chocolates and many other fascinating things. You do not understand what to buy for your kid as it is his birthday today. You ask the shopkeeper to suggest a good gift. He shows you many different items and now you are even more confused. You want to buy something good and exciting but you do not find anything special that has been made only for your kid. You also want to consider his education, which makes the decision even more terrible. If you gift a book or pencil to your kid, he will not going to be happy at all.

These things happen to every parent, every year. Whenever birthday’s or holiday’s or Christmas comes they do not know what to gift to their kids. Kurt Penberg solved the problem. He brought a series of products that can make any one full of excitement and also while gifting these products, you do not need to be careful about kid’s education.

Gift a personalized music CD or DVD to your kid

If your kid loves music it is certainly a great idea to gift him a  music CD or DVD. Kids can learn alphabets, counts and poems by listening and repeating the lyrics. They will enjoy the personalized gift and you will be relieved about his education. Kurt Penberg has solved the world wide problem of teaching kids, which is definitely a great problem. Children do only those things which they like. They don’t listen to anyone and to make them study is even more difficult. Kids can also watch the videos which make it even more exciting and easy to learn. These music CDs and DVDs will teach them on your behalf and they will be more than happy to see their name on it. Parents can pick CDs with names of their kids on it. These CDs are easily available in the stores and you can also purchase them from online stores.

Gift an attractive story book to your child Story books with different stories and beautiful colored pictures attract the kids. They love stories and therefore they will love the story books too. Kurt Penberg designed many different story books with 8000 names. These stories are available in five different languages. Your kids’ will love the story books and will gain knowledge also. They can improve their knowledge about language skills and also about several different things like religions, countries, places, etc.

Gift a video game to your child What could be more exciting than a video game for kids? Kids love to play and they love games. They want to play all the time and not to study. It increases parents’ tension about their kids’ education. By gifting a game like chess or video game or any other game, parents can improve their kids’ knowledge about how to count, how to take turns, how to follow signal lights, etc. kids will also learn how to take decisions about what is right and what is wrong.

Plan interesting gifts for your kids with Kurt Penberg in United States

Plan interesting gifts for your kids with Kurt Penberg in United States

It is difficult to choose gifts for Christmas, birthday’s, holiday’s, and for other occasions like celebrating victory in cricket match or scoring first position in academics, etc. It becomes more difficult when it comes to presenting a gift to kids. One needs to be aware about the impact of the gift on kid’s mind. The gift has to be interesting and if it provides any educational message or moral message, it becomes cherry on the cake. Child’s age, personality and his aptitude also contributes in choosing a gift.

Kurt Penberg did a great job of combining fun with education. Kurt Penberg launched many interesting products for kids. The products not only make the kids happy but also educate them about interesting things. He started the business with only a single CD in San Diego with the name “Sing Your Name” and now his business has grown up and he has launched 13 CDs in three different languages.

Products of Kurt Penberg

Music CDs Music is always a fun. Kids love music and it has been seen that they can easily remember the lyrics. Penberg utilized this learning ability of kids with music. He initiated making personalized CDs for kids with their name of it. Parents can gift these personalized CDs to their kids when they come across a CD having name of their kid on it. These CDs helps the kids to learn alphabet and numbers while enjoying the music. The kids can sing along the music and learn many different things.

Story books Books are always considered a good friend of humans. It is a good choice to gift a book to anyone. It is fun reading a book and more obviously it provides education. Kids love story books. One can gift books to kids to make them happy.  Parents can read stories from story books to their little kids. Kids will automatically relate the story with the message it tries to convey. Little less young kids can also improve their language skills with the help of these story books. These books are available online in the form of eBooks also. Anyone can access them easily and gift to their children.

Games No need to say how much we all love games. It is an inseparable part of anyone’s life. Games can definitely be a good choice for your children. They will love it no matter what is their age. Games also provide a great learning platform. Young children can learn how to take turns, how to count and basic rules of games. It is a good mental exercise. Children that enter the age group of 10-12 years can solve problems by logical thinking and can develop thinking powers. Games also develop team spirit. Games are always a fun and can unite the whole family. Kids can spend a lot of time while playing games with family and that is how they learn many different things. Keeping these facts in mind Kurt Penberg designed many different games for kids which help in their learning process.

Kurt Penberg Efforts for Sing Your Name Kids Education

Kurt Penberg Efforts for Sing Your Name Kids Education

Education is certainly important for all kids, no matter that age level they belong. This is what Kurt Penberg knows the best; hence, he put all his efforts to grow kids with learning and educational approaches. No need to go far but ‘Sing Your name’ is enough to give a perfect Kurt Penberg review of efforts. The site is based on many personalized gifts and study materials that are specifically made for kids. No matter, how old your kid is, you can find a gift of his or her choice on Sing your Name any time.

How Kurt Penberg Contributes in Kids Education?

Before giving credits to any person for his or her efforts and hard work for specific purpose or project, it is necessary to analyze their struggle and level of exertion they made. In the similar way, if Kurt Penberg efforts are analyzed for promoting kids education, it proves that he did a lot. Not just providing educational material in the markets and stores, Kurt Penberg offered a wide range of products and kids education material on the internet that can be obtained any time without going anywhere. This is amongst the best aspects of Kurt Penberg positive intentions he has for children education. No matter where you live and what kind of study material you need for your kids, just make use of internet and get all required gifts and products at your door step without even spending huge time.


Sing Your Name and Online Kids Education Approach:

Kurt Penberg developed ‘Sing Your Name’ that is a perfect gift for all parents especially those whose kids reveal any kind of residence while going to schools or learning their course. It makes it so simple to get required study material for smaller kids on their homes. It certainly takes a few minutes in accessing the online kids education stuff provided by Kurt Penberg through Sing Your Name. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Just type Sing Your Name in your internet browser and choose amongst the most required kid’s education presents for your children while sitting in your home. Prices vary from one to another gift including alarms, personalized CDs, personalized songs for kids and many others. At the end, you receive swift delivery of purchased gifts that your kids really love having fun with and, at the same time, they get opportunities for their education through learning and playing with Sing Your Name kid’s education gifts.

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Kurt Penberg Brief Review: Sing Your Name

Kurt Penberg Brief Review: Sing Your Name

Kurt Penberg, founder of Sing Your Name is a known person who has been doing a remarkable job in promoting kids education. The idea of using music activities for teaching and educating little kids is so unique whose importance can be estimated with the results acquired. Certainly, most of the kids feel it hard learning things using custom syllabus and educational books, but learning with Kurt Penberg offered materials is just full of fun. Kurt Penberg review is based on lots of success factors that have been analyzed over past years after. Kurt Penberg offered a wide range of items for promoting education for kids. It is simple to buy such things due to their availability on the internet. So, parents can buy any of their kids most desirable Kurt Penberg offered gifts including music CDs, alarm clocks and many more others things. As seen from Kurt Penberg review, study material has become so convenient for children and thousands of kids are found loving education.

Focus on Kids Education:Kurt Penberg spent many years in bringing out innovation to traditional education system. Reading traditional books and courses is certainly hard especially for lots of kids who feel learning serious issues for them. Kurt Penberg review helps us understand the worth of employing new education manner for kids. For example, Sing Your Name is a wonderful website that gives brief details on what kinds of gifts and educational material Kurt Penberg offers.

Kur Penberg Kids Education:Kurt Penberg’s efforts in promoting learning approaches can never be overlooked. Even many parents around the world appreciated the way, Kurt Penberg has been making it tremendous for their kids to grow and learn at same stages. According to Kurt Penberg review obtained from most of the parents, now they don not have to make struggle to prepare their kids for studies rather, they just start playing their favorite Kurt Penberg songs having learning lectures. Kids just love musical CDs and adapted gifts. Certainly, this is amongst the best ways of backing kids education.

How Kids Love Education? Sing Your Name:Sing Your Name is a live proof of Kurt Penberg way of thought and struggle, he has for kids education. It is because, Kurt Penberg thinks that there is no future to mankind but just, kids, so, growing them is proper way while providing quality education is necessary on every stage of their life till they become intelligent and educated enough to play a great role for the achievement of their aims! That is why; he paid more attention on how to educate children in the way that they enjoy learning. Here is how, Sing Your Name helps in kids education,

Kurt Penberg -Personalization Based Edutainment Solutions by Sing Your Name

Kurt Penberg -Personalization Based Edutainment Solutions by Sing Your Name: Face of the Future?

Ever wondered why kids run away whenever you want them to learn ABCs?

Why kids dread learning tables and numbers?

Why they hate going to the pre-schools?

The answer to all these imposing questions is that our traditional educational ways fail to tickle the imagination of kids. To help kids to embrace learning, the need is to captivate their imagination as well as involve them in learning actively. This most significant attribute of learning was introduced by Kurt Penberg with his personalized products.

Why Sing Your Name?

Edutainment and personalization is not new but it is also true that they were never used in the real sense or to their potential until Kurt Penberg launched Sing Your Name. Using personalization to induce learning in kids and create emotional value is indeed, you will agree, a brilliant idea! Kurt Penberg has brought you solutions that are designed exclusively for kids to amuse them and make them learn.

Sing Your Name is a unique brand where you get only kid-friendly and kid-appropriate edutainment. The soft and melodious personalized songs for kids let them learn in a quick manner. It has been also scientifically proved that kids learn effectively with the help of props. Since CDs and DVDs also have a visual impact, the content stays with them for longer time than when they learn verbally.

One-Stop Destination

With a diversified assortment of personalized children music, interactive CD story books, personalized children gifts, personalized stuffed toys and personalized songs for kids, Sing Your Name gives parents ample reasons to choose interactive learning over the traditional method. Whether you want to gift something meaningful to your kid, develop his interest in studies or strengthen his base before pre-school, visit now.

Along with this, the fastest-selling product of the company Tiny Twin 3D doll is also up for grabs! It is easy to create and a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike.

The products from the company also include world’s first alarm clock that can be personalized too. Your kids wake up to their names. The stuffed toys, Marvel superheroes music collection, Bob & Barney music collection and Care Bear music range enhance the engagement level of kids with studies. They learn nursery rhymes, alphabets, tables and numbers without feeling the boredom and distraction.

All in all, Sing Your Name has something for every kid irrespective of gender and age group. Just browse through the website to know what pleases you and order now!

Creates a Compelling and Inducing Environment

Since the products are designed and conceptualized keeping kids in mind, these strike the right chord with them. The parents have found interactive storybook CDs, toys, Tiny Twin 3D dolls and personalized children music extremely engaging which create positive impact on kids and turn them toward learning.  According to them, kids pay more attention and show curiosity to know what might come next in the storybook CD?

Encouraging the Use of New-Age Technology

The interactive story book CDs and DVDs use computers. So, your kid learns computing too instead of wasting time on video games and random internet based applications.

Above all, Cost-effective

For both the parents and distributors, the products have been successful not only in terms of features but also cost. From a distributor’s point of view, all you need is a little investment and you are good to go! The repeat business value of Sing Your Name personalized products has been more than awesome!

So, it is just a matter of time that new-age solutions from Sing Your Name takeover the traditional methods of learning. With all these benefits, why not? Schools and kindergartens have already welcomed these personalized solutions from Kurt Penberg with open arms.

The personalized products from Sing Your Name are available for both parents and distributors. For any query or more information on the product, please feel free to give a shout in the comment.


3d Tiny Doll

Kurt Penberg – Sing Your Name Launches 3D Tiny Twin Dolls Worldwide

Vista, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

After getting critical acclaim and success with interactive CD’s, DVDs and personalized products, Sing Your Name has announced its plans to launch its fastest selling product Tiny Twin 3D dolls to the world market. Moreover, the CEO of company-Kurt Penberg also revealed how the product mix of company is creating new opportunities for distributors and facilitating an inducing environment for kids to learn while having fun.

Hailed as a pioneer in edutainment and personalized children gifts, Sing Your Names latest product has been a blockbuster back home. Apt for both adults and kids, Tiny Twin dolls can be made in minutes. A photograph, 3D mould, printer and these are good to go! It is to be noted that the necessary materials such as 3D mould and heating machine are supplied by the company with the orders.

The Tiny Twin dolls are a clever and intuitive blend of personalization and new-age computing techniques. A nice and creative twist in the doll story, Tiny Twin dolls are an ideal gift and keepsake for all age groups irrespective of the gender. Featuring a vast range of size, colors and themes, the collection is affordable, collect able and innovative. Designed to be a wonderful gift for kids and adults, the face moulds lend these dolls a highly personalized quotient making it a memorable gift to cherish forever. Having a repeat and profit value for distributors, the target audience of this product is wide and includes all.

Tiny Twin Dolls are capable to give distributors year-round business with usual peaks on special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies, Halloween and Valentines, said Sing Your Name CEO, Kurt Penberg. Distributors can cash on the local occasions and enhance their business through the product.

Additionally, Sing Your Name Gold package was also launched for the chosen distributors to facilitate them to have a recession-proof business advantage and help them in mass-marketing with the help of company. Along with this Tiny Twin Bumper package is also being offered to a select few to help budding entrepreneurs start their business from day 1. It includes Tiny Twin dolls, mould, heating machines as well as interactive and personalized Sing My Name music CD burns, DVD burns and story book burns.

Apart from this, personalized children music products and edutainment initiatives were detailed too. Kid-appropriate and kid-friendly, the product catalogue of Sing Your Name is extensive and complete value for money.

The product portfolio of Sing Your Name boasts of personalized children music CD of 12 professionally written and recorded songs, stuffed toys, personalized alarm clocks, printed products, Care Bear music collection, Marvel superhero collection, Barney and Bob the builder music CDs.

About the company

Once started with a single cart of 85 titles, Sing Your Name now has a full-fledged product lineup designed exclusively for kids. It is the brainchild of Kurt Penberg and has successfully fulfilled the need of sensible and kids-appropriate entertainment for kids. It is located in California and has Small Business Opportunities around the world. The product portfolio comprises 11 non-licensed Personalized Children Music albums, 4 non-licensed story books and products in different languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

Under the helm of able leadership and mastermind, the company is delivering new personalized products especially engineered and crafted for kids of all age-groups.


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Kurt Penberg’s Sing Your Name Unveils Unique Personalized Edutainment Products for KidsWorldwide

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Every kid is unique and loves exclusivity. Similarly, their music and gifts should be no exception. Promising kids a whole lot of entertainment and individuality, the personalized children gifts available at is perfect for them. Launched by Kurt Penberg, this website gives you a wholesome sing your name to design, develop and deliver personalized products for kids of all age groups.

The product portfolio of Sing YourName boasts of world’s only singing alarm clock that would wake kids by singing their names. The kid may wake up in an instant, listening to his name in the song. Apart from this, one of the most popular categories here is personalized children music CD of 12 professionally written and recorded songs that can be customized to your kid’s name. The products are further segregated into blue and pink boxes which make for easy identification of boys’ and girls’ merchandise respectively. The company also offers first-ever and largest collection of Sing Your Name stuffed toys, alarms clocks and printed products. Recently, the company has also launched its fastest-selling product –Tiny Twin globally.

One can browse the website furthermore for Care Bear music collection, Marvel superhero collection, Barney and Bob the builder music CDs which take kids along to a fun-filled and entertaining ride. So, there is something for every kid and each preference. If a kid loves superheroes, the parents can gift him songs based on Marvel comics. If a little princess loves teddy bear, let her cherish Care Bear songs and hum along.

The songs are kids-appropriate and let kids learn a lot without feeling the boredom of going through the formal education and training. The kids feel great to hear their names and learn a lot in the process.
The entire collection at Sing Your Name includes 2 sound modules to sample voiceover, signage, re-order cards and planogram. The portfolio is very popular among kids and parents alike. Suitable for kids of all ages, the songs are supported by enchanting tunes and beats. The product lineup also includes songs and names in three different languages. The most important and surprising thing about Kurt Penberg’s collection is that it can be set up for names in less than a minute.

The music collection is penned by Kurt Penberg and hand-picked by him to provide knowledge as well as wholesome entertainment for kids. In this age, when technology for kids’ is limited to action-packed and gory video games which can have adverse effects on impressionable minds, here is a melodious and soft way to engage them and make them familiar with the new-age computing techniques.

The customized collection of personalized songs for kids has over 5000 names to choose from. The selection of names is easy and can be browsed over alphabetically. The ‘Try-Me’ button enables you to listen to sample and conclude that you sure are in for a real treat!

The latest to grace the product category are personalized interactive CD story books, personalized poems and personalized growth charts. The personalized children music CDs and poems are available for purchase from around the world. Visit now to know more and order the fantastic new titles available for kids.

make learning fun

Let’s Make Learning Fun with Kurt Penberg and Sing Your Name

When the concept of providing fun-education for kids was in its nascent stage, Kurt Penberg had already launched his own version of providing learning for them in a really unconventional yet stronger way.

Based on the idea that kids’ learning should be fun, kids-appropriate and not cumbersome, Kurt Penberg developed personalized children music, interactive CD story books, personalized poems and growth charts.

What started as a single cart and with only 850 different names has now evolved to be a revolutionary concept in kids’ education and entertainment in the form of Sing Your Name.The largest-ever assortment of personalized children gifts and music is just a few clicks away here.

In personalized children gifts, you get world’s very first and only singing alarm clock that would wake your kid by singing his name! This list of firsts also includes personalized printed products and sing- my- name stuffed animals.

You can also browse through for the exclusive portfolio of personalized Marvel Superheroes, Barney & Bob the builder and Care Bear music collection.  The personalized songs and story books for kids are available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language.  Support for Arabic language is underway.

The interactive story CDs would tell a story referring to your kids’ name and there won’t be any kid who would not be pleased and happy to hear his name in poems and songs! Moreover, these personalized children gifts give kids a sense of belongingness and teach them to value stuff.

Kids are very impressionable. You would not want to ruin their innocence through action-packed games or turn them away from education due to traditional and dull education system. So, why not let them give this wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge while having fun and without realizing that they are actually learning through the entire process. From alphabets to numbers and rhymes, let them excel in everything through personalized songs designed and meant for kids.The music of CDs is soft against ears, sensible and kid-friendly.

Sing Your Name is an opportunity to give your kids a wonderful start with computing too. Rather than letting your kids hooked on to the internet for random picks, you can give the technology a new meaning altogether with the interactive and educating CDs and DVDs.

Give your kids’ elementary school preparation right away with personalized children gifts available here. The world of joyful learning waits for your kid at Sing Your Name. Whether you are looking for a gift for your kid or your relative’s, do not look beyond than this. An ideal place to find fun, joy and happiness for your kid and ensure that they never lose their interest in study! After all, well begun is half done!

To let kids’ enjoy this fun-learning across the world, Kurt Penberg has also bolstered distributorship of the licensed and non-licensed products. You can drop a line in the comment section for more information on the products and distributorship queries.
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Music CD's

Kurt penberg’s modified Music CD!

There are so many parents out there fascinated in provided that some of the most attractive gifts for their kids, that companies like Kids Juke Box were enormously welcomed. The modified songs amuse children in the most gorgeous way probable, allowing horizons to build up and the thoughts to overcome all obtainable boundaries. All these things have been made feasible with the adapted music CDs provided by Kids Juke box.

Sure, there are many places where you can acquire custom-made gifts from but not all of them are as exclusive and delicate as those afford by Kids Juke Box. They even have special tailored alarm clocks and other products There are so many cool things online, on the website of Kids Juke box that your kid will absolutely feel pleased as the gifts expected. You just take your time and see what precise gifts your child would benefit from the most.

The variety of the products existing by Kurt Penberg’s Sing Your Name is unbelievable and every day surprises keep on appearing. In fact, you can try all of their products as you will certainly be overwhelmed in your turn by the look your daughter or son gives to you. By purchase beautiful and considerate gifts, your child will learn one of the most important lessons in life, meaning that you always take care after the ones you love.

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Sing Your Name

Kurt Penberg- How Sing Your Name Make Personalized Music For Kids

‘Sing Your Name’ is a well known company that brings several business opportunities based on numerous packages. There is no restriction for people to access any name. Any name can be accessed any time without any issues. This is the first company that has provided many stimulating personalized gifts for kids including name poems, posters, singing plush, alarm clocks, Personalized Children Music, Personalized Songs Kids and many other Personalized Children Gifts. Taking benefits from such great business opportunity is so simple. With some easy steps, everyone can have fun with Sing Your Name:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2:  Click on “Distributor Information” tab.

Step 3: On new page, you will find many useful aspects of Sing Your Name Company such as Personalized Children Gifts, Personalized Children Music and Personalized Songs Kids. Here, you will know all essential information about the company. Scroll down the page and find a form at the bottom.

Step 4: This form contains different information that is needed from clients. In Contact name, client will write his name. Company name field needs client’s company name. Address needs company complete address. Further, client will write company’s city name in City Field. Similarly, State and Postal Code required state where company is located. Country needs country name of company. For contact number field, client needs to write either local or cell phone number for direct contact with Sing Your Name company representative. Below this contact number field, there are three options for best timing. Client may choose timings that are best for them to be contacted.
There is Alternate Contact Number field where additional contact number may be added e.g. if local number is provided in above Contact Number field, then here, client may add cell phone number.

After that, write down email address in next filed named as “Email Address”. Then, mentioned your timing when you are ready to begin the work in next field called as “When are you looking to get started”. You are also asked for which window system you use in the field “What operating system is your computer running”.

Client is also asked for where they plan to sell the KJB merchandise in “Where do you plan on selling KJB merchandise” field of information. Write down the source name you acquired information from in “How did you hear about Sing Your Name”. Choose range for your investment in “How much are you planning to invest”. Anything else that is important for you to mention can be written down in “Other” field. You may also write your question or comments in the bottom corner “Comments or Questions”

Step 5:After filling in the complete form, press “Continue”.

Step 6: Sing Your Name After clicking on “Continue”, you will be directed to next page saying that your request has been submitted successfully.

With these simple steps, anyone can get started for taking benefits from Sing Your Name innovative products. Company keeps updating its product lines by adding more pioneering products.

Personalized Music

How and Sing Your Name can make your Kids Happy

You will find majority of the present-day kids as more tech-savvy than their parents and the parents are so happy to share their kids’ talents with their friends and family members. The smart kids of today are more interested in computers and technical things rather than others. So, if you’re planning to entertaining your kids in the way they like then personalized music for kids would be the perfect consideration. Ok, let me explain you how you can see your kids smiling with their favorite music tracks.

It’s safe to consider that children nowadays will also like the latest tunes and also the latest music. Everybody, like us, long for products that will assist them carry their music wherever they’re going. However they might be too youthful to become given Tunes and apple iPods, so rather you are able to provide them with a Sing Your Name. Sometime ago, within the early 90s, once the era of pop music began, there have been people known as “funks” who was previously seen transporting portable music systems on the shoulders.

Their cute affectionate shapes, and sunny shirt are endearing to kids, and the have good seem quality. Children are now able to pay attention to music and develop their curiosity about it. Also it does not need to always bother you – if you want peace in the home, your son or daughter can invariably go ahead and take Sing Your Name up his tree house and participate in it to his heart’s content. It can help him host little kid parties together with his buddies, as well as practice singing by using the microphone, that accompany the Sing Your Name. Your kids can enjoy musical chairs, or simply practice basketball within the courtyard using the Juke Box which makes them feel “awesome”, similar to their 16-years old siblings.

The Sing Your Name has built-in abilities which help you upload tunes as well as make play lists. Thus, you may also host your son or daughter’s party very effectively by using his jukebox. Just load his favorite tunes – watching the pleasure fill the area as well as their faces. You will not need to employ any birthday clowns since the kids jukebox comprises for those.

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